Wipro and IIT Delhi join hands to launch GenAI centre of excellence


 Wipro, one of the leading IT giants in India, has announced the launch of a new centre of excellence (CoE) focused on generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. The CoE will support foundational and applied research, nurture talent, and expand the state of the art in this critical field. 

GenAI is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with creating novel and diverse data, such as images, text, audio, and video, from existing data. GenAI has applications in various domains, such as healthcare, education, entertainment, and manufacturing. Some examples of GenAI are deepfakes, text summarization, image synthesis, and speech generation. 

The Wipro CoE on GenAI is anchored within the Yardi School of Artificial Intelligence (ScAI) at IIT Delhi, which was established in 2020 with a vision to become a world-class hub for AI research and education. The CoE will serve as a hub for research and development, bringing together Wipro researchers with ScAI faculty members and graduate students to address at-scale real-world problems.

 The CoE will also leverage the power of multiple large language models (LLMs) such as GPT 4 and Bard AI, which are capable of generating natural language across various domains and tasks. The CoE will develop innovative solutions using AI, machine learning, and related technologies to solve business challenges and create social impact.

Subha Tatavarti, chief technology officer at Wipro, expressed her excitement about the partnership and said, “This collaboration will not only elevate our research and development capabilities in burgeoning fields such as GenAI but will also link us with a talent pool that can assist us in crafting advanced solutions to tackle current and future business challenges.”

 Ajay Chander, head of Research & Development at Wipro, said that collaborating with the eminent and multidisciplinary faculty at IIT Delhi and its research partner ecosystem will aid them in realising their vision of ‘engineered prosperity’ more swiftly.

 Professor Mausam, who heads the Yardi School of AI at IIT Delhi, remarked that students would obtain valuable insights into industry-relevant issues today.

 This partnership aligns with Wipro’s pledge to invest $1 billion in propelling AI-led innovation, forming part of the Wipro ai360 ecosystem. The ai360 ecosystem is a comprehensive framework that enables enterprises to accelerate their AI adoption journey across the value chain.

 Wipro has also recently launched an 8-week accelerator programme targeting GenAI startups across India and Silicon Valley in the United States. The programme aims to identify and mentor promising startups working on GenAI solutions and provide them with access to Wipro’s global network of clients, partners, and experts.

The launch of the CoE on GenAI is another milestone in Wipro’s commitment to driving innovation in emerging technologies and creating value for its customers and stakeholders. 

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