Kota Suicide Crisis: Another IIT-JEE Aspirant Ends His Life


 Kota, the coaching hub of India, witnessed another tragic incident on Tuesday, when an 18-year-old IIT-JEE aspirant from Bihar’s Gaya hanged himself in his PG room. This is the fourth case of suspected suicide by a coaching student in Kota this month, and the 20th this year.

What Happened?

The deceased student, identified as Valmiki Prasad, had been preparing for the engineering entrance exam at a coaching institute in Kota since the last academic session. He was living in a PG near Mahaveer Nagar area of the city.

According to the police, he was last seen on Monday evening, when he spoke to his parents over the phone. On Tuesday night, around 8 pm, his fellow students noticed that he had not come out of his room for the whole day. They alerted the warden, who called the police.

The police found Valmiki hanging from an iron angle of his room’s door. No suicide note was found in his room. The police are examining his phone for clues on the reasons behind his extreme step.

His parents reached Kota on Wednesday morning and the body was handed over to them after the postmortem examination. His father said that Valmiki had come to Kota for JEE preparation at his own wish and was regular in classes.

However, the police said that the initial probe revealed that Valmiki had not attended the coaching institute for the past two months and his performance in the weekly tests earlier had not been up to the mark. The police are investigating whether the coaching institute had informed his parents about his absence from the classes.

Why Are Students Taking Their Lives?

Valmiki’s death is not an isolated case. Kota has been witnessing a spate of suicides by students who come to the city from different parts of the country to prepare for competitive exams like IIT-JEE and NEET.

Earlier this month, three other students, two IIT-JEE and one NEET aspirant, ended their lives by hanging themselves in their rooms. The total number of suicides by students in Kota this year has reached 20, surpassing the count of 15 last year.

The reasons behind these suicides are not clear, but some possible factors are academic pressure, parental expectations, mental stress, loneliness, and lack of support. Many students face immense competition and struggle to cope with the rigorous curriculum and high standards of the coaching institutes. Some also face financial difficulties and social isolation.

Many experts have pointed out that there is a lack of proper guidance, counselling, and emotional support for these students. They also need to balance their studies with other activities that can help them relax and cope with stress. They should not lose hope or give up on their dreams because of temporary setbacks or failures. There is always a way out of any problem, and suicide is never a solution. 

What Is Being Done to Prevent Suicides?

The rising suicide cases have triggered alarm bells for the district administration, which announced last Saturday that a psychological evaluation of each student would be done every fortnight to detect suicidal tendencies among them.

The administration also said that it would conduct regular inspections of coaching institutes and PG facilities to ensure compliance with safety norms and quality standards. It also urged the coaching institutes to appoint counsellors and mentors for their students and to keep track of their attendance and performance.

The administration also appealed to the parents to stay in touch with their children and to visit them frequently. It also asked them to avoid putting undue pressure on their children and to respect their choices and aspirations.

Several NGOs and helpline services have also been working to provide free and confidential counselling services for students in distress. Some of them are: 
• AASRA: 91-22-27546669
• iCall: 022-25521111
• Sneha India Foundation: 91-44-24640050
• Sumaitri: 011-23389090
• Vandrevala Foundation: 1860-2662-345

How Can You Help?

If you are a student who is preparing for competitive exams in Kota or elsewhere, please remember that you are not alone and there is always hope. Life is precious and worth living. If you are feeling suicidal or depressed, please reach out to someone who can help. You can call any of the helpline numbers mentioned above or talk to your family, friends, teachers, or counsellors.

If you know someone who is going through a tough time or showing signs of depression or suicidal thoughts, please do not ignore them or judge them. Be supportive and empathetic. Listen to them and encourage them to seek professional help.  

Together, we can save lives and make a difference.

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