IIT Madras Launches Online Course on Operations and Supply Chain Analytics, No JEE Score Required

 The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has announced the launch of a new online certificate course on operations and supply chain analytics for strategic decision making. The course aims to equip managers with the skills and knowledge to make optimal decisions based on data and information. The course is offered through the Centre for Outreach and Digital Education (CODE) of IIT Madras.

 The course is designed for working professionals who want to enhance their analytical abilities and apply them to various domains such as supply chain management, inventory optimization, logistics planning, and network design. The course also covers case studies from different sectors such as public policy, agriculture, and healthcare management. 

 The course duration is six months, and it will start from October 2, 2023. The course fee is Rs 1 lakh + 18 per cent GST. The last date to register for the course is September 20, 2023.  Interested and eligible candidates can apply at the official website of CODE.

 The course does not have any specific eligibility criteria, but it requires a basic understanding of mathematical and statistical concepts. Candidates are expected to have an interest in analytical model building and data-driven decision making.

 The course curriculum includes topics such as optimization, game theory, probability theory, statistical modelling, decision analysis, simulation, forecasting, and machine learning. The course also provides hands-on experience with software tools such as Excel, R, Python, and Gurobi.

 The course faculty consists of experts from IIT Madras’ Department of Management Studies and Department of Mathematics. The faculty members have extensive research and teaching experience in the field of operations research and analytics.

 According to Prof. Rahul Marathe, Professor, Department of Management Studies IIT Madras, "Managers need to take critical decisions that have to be based on available information and data. That makes data-driven decision-making skills the most critical skill in organizations today. ‘Decision Sciences’ can aid managers build the required framework to take optimal decisions."

 He added, "This theory encompasses important elements such as mathematical and empirical modelling. Today’s world is characterized by uncertainty – uncertainty in the environment, in the data, and hence in the results. Hence, a good understanding of uncertainty and its impact of optimal decision-making is critical. A good manager needs to be skilled in decision-making under uncertainty."

 The course is expected to benefit professionals from various industries such as manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, logistics, transportation, healthcare, agriculture, and public policy. The course will also help them prepare for higher-level courses or certifications in operations research and analytics.

 The course is one of the many online courses offered by IIT Madras through CODE. CODE aims to provide quality education to learners across India and abroad through digital platforms. CODE offers courses in various disciplines such as engineering, humanities, social sciences, management, law, and medicine.

  Some of the other online courses offered by IIT Madras through CODE are: 

• Certificate Program in Additive Manufacturing Technologies

• Certificate Program in Data Science for Engineers

• Certificate Program in Electric Vehicles

• Certificate Program in Machine Learning

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• Certificate Program in Python for Data Science

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• Diploma Program in Business Analytics

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• Diploma Program in Data Science

• Diploma Program in Machine Learning 

For more details about these courses, visit the official website of CODE.

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